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Buying and selling real estate should be easy, and it sometimes is.  However, there are times when complications arise, usually because one party or the other misunderstands the agreement.  There could also be issues with the property itself, such as boundary encroachments, conflicting surveys or unusual deed restrictions.

Understanding Real Estate Transactions

A successful real estate transaction requires full attention to detail.  Always read every single word of the sales contract.  If there are terms you don’t understand, consult with your real estate attorney in Houston.  Make a calendar of important deadlines and try to limit your exposure to any type of liability as much as possible.  Work with your title company.  Most closing agents and underwriters are highly skilled and can be valuable resources.

Houston Real Estate Lawyer

real estate lawyer Houston

As a Houston real estate lawyer and broker, I have worked with both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate, including resale and new construction transactions. My goal is always to help my client become comfortable with the process as well as satisfied with the outcome.

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