Houston Litigation Attorney

Commercial Business and Contractual Disputes

Whether you are the plaintiff (suing) or defendant (being sued), you need a good Houston litigation lawyer to represent you; one who knows the questions to ask to get the facts, knows the law, and who will look out after your best interests. Our Houston commercial litigating attorneys offer case evaluation and prosecution or defense of partner disputes, shareholder disputes, trade secret and non-compete violations, breach of contract and fiduciary responsibility violations.

Understanding Houston Commercial Litigation

Some examples of when a litigation attorney in Houston should be consulted are:

a) Corporate dispute:  your business partner walks out, locks the door, refuses to return his shares to you and refuses to allow you any access to the company, including its financial books and records

b)  Contract and Employment dispute:  you signed a non-compete agreement with your employer when you started working for him; now you want to open a competing business and the employer wants to prohibit you from doing so

c)  Contractual and Collections:  your company performed some services for a customer and the customer now refuses to pay

d)  Purchase and Sale of a Business:  you’re in the middle of buying a business and the seller backs out after you have expended a large sum of money in preparation for the purchase

Houston Litigation Lawyer

Houston litigation attorney

As Houston business litigation attorneys, we have tried to help the litigating parties come to a compromise resolution of the dispute rather than take the case to trial, saving both sides the time and expense of prolonged litigation. But if that’s not possible we can evaluate your case and represent your interests in court as a litigating Houston trial lawyer as well.

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