Loan Documents

Small Business Loans

Business loans, whether taken out for capital improvement, operating capital, a real estate purchase, asset purchase or a simple line of credit tend to generate complicated documents.  How many small business owners really want to spend their time reading all that paper?  If they do read it, do they understand it?  Can they recognize terms that are considered “standard” and about which the lender is unlikely to negotiate?  Do they recognize terms that are unique to a particular lender or a particular transaction that can be negotiated?

Houston Loan Documents Lawyer with Experience

That’s where a good business lawyer comes in.  I spent much of my early law career writing loan documents. I’ve been writing and reading them ever since. I know what is “standard” and what is not.  I know what I’m looking for when I review loan documents and I can explain both the favorable and the unfavorable terms to you in clear and concise language.

At the very least, when you consult a Houston business loan lawyer before you sign loan documents, you will know exactly what you are signing.

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