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Estate Planning: Will & Power of Attorney

An estate plan, at a minimum, should include a well drafted Will, a Medical Power of AttorneyDurable Power of Attorney and Directive to Physician. In addition, any company that is owned by two or more people should have a Buy-Sell Agreement in place.

Estate Planning with the Help of an Experienced Attorney

houston estate planning attorneyThese documents do not have to be complicated.  However, they do take some thought.  As an experienced attorney, I can ask the right questions to help you think through the issues and make sure that each document addresses your particular needs and desires.  I can also help you get organized with a Personal Financial Inventory so you  can quickly and easily find important documents when you need them.

Practical Advice from a Business Attorney

Once your documents are prepared and properly executed, I advise you about practical matters such as where to keep them, who to give copies to, and what to do if you ever want to change them.

Contact a Houston Estate Planning Attorney

Call a Houston estate planning attorney who is experienced in preparing the necessary documents.  Whenever I get the initial estate planning call from a client, I spend some time getting to know him. Then, I explain the procedure and answer any questions he may have. If he is comfortable with the procedure, we will make an office appointment.

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