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Business purchase and sale is mostly a matter of contract law, but there are a few issues that typical business contracts do not cover that are extremely important for both seller and buyer.

I use the word “typical” knowing full well that no purchase or sale of a business is ever “typical”.  Each is distinctive.  Each business has special characteristics that make it attractive to a buyer to buy and to a seller to sell.  The purchase and sale agreement has to accommodate both.

Business Sale Attorney

Business Lawyer to Represent Seller

When I represent the seller, I want to make sure we get the best possible price on the best business terms, with limited non-competes and some ongoing benefits.  I also take great care to keep the potential sale confidential until we are ready to disclose a change of ownership to the public.

Business Purchase Attorney

Business Lawyer to Represent Buyer

When I represent the buyer, I want to make sure we get the best value and that the client buys exactly what he thinks he is buying, including rights to trademarks, patents, licenses and receivables. We also want to make sure that all liabilities are minimized, if not altogether eliminated.

A business purchase and sale takes a little time.  It has to be carefully negotiated and the purchase and sale documents have to be extremely detailed.  Having said that, there’s no reason why the seller and buyer can’t both come out of the transaction being satisfied with the process as well as with the outcome.

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