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houston small business managementSmall business owners are busy people. They work hard to generate revenue, to stay competitive and to keep their companies moving forward.  Sometimes they work so hard on day to day business matters that they forget about important internal management issues.

Employee Incentives

Employers always dread the day when a valued employee leaves the company to go work for a competitor.  Not only do they lose the talent of the employee, but they also risk having their trade secrets made public.  An employee incentive plan and a strong employment agreement can help protect the company.

Transfer of Ownership

For a company with multiple owners, it is absolutely critical for the company to adopt a buy-sell agreement which imposes certain limits on the transfer of ownership.  Otherwise, what is to prevent a disgruntled minority owner from selling his shares to a competitor?

Complete Set of Books and Records

Internal management also deals with corporate minutes and record keeping.  If the company is subject to audit and the records are in disarray, it may be much more difficult to convince the auditor that the company is really doing what it claims to be doing.  Similarly, if the business owner wants to sell the company, any potential buyer will need to see a complete set of books and records as part of his due diligence.

Houston Lawyer Small Business Experience

My experience working with small business clients and with practical experience in my own companies puts me in a unique position to help you with your company’s internal organizational needs and to offer practical suggestions for moving forward.

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