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If starting a new company were easy, everyone would do it.  There’s a lot to think about: business name,  legal formation, financing, marketing, recruiting and retaining effective employees, physical space requirements, collecting accounts… and the list goes on.  It’s not easy and I greatly admire people who can start a company and make it succeed.

Business Formation in Texas

The first hurdle is formation.  The Texas secretary of state’s office has forms that satisfy the state requirements for filing a Certificate of Formation for nearly every type of entity. The problem is, that’s just the start.  What about choosing a company name that complies with the secretary of state’s requirements?  What about the Bylaws, the Operating Agreement, the Organizational Consent, the Partnership Agreement, internal management agreements and stock or LLC certificates?  These documents are especially critical if there is more than 1 owner of a company.

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Help from a Small Business Attorney

The people who get their companies off to a good start have help and that help includes a small business attorney.  I can help you create your company to reflect your management style, capital requirements, and your ultimate goals and objectives.

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