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Sometimes people can make an agreement on a handshake.  But honestly, how often does that turn out well?  The problem is that the handshake agreement leaves out the details. The parties are prone to misconceptions, misunderstandings, differing expectations, and ultimately, disappointment.

Draft a Business Contract for Every Transaction

Successful business owners document every transaction with a well drafted contract, one that is clear, concise and accurately reflects the agreement of the parties.  When a question arises about their respective rights or responsibilities, all they have to do is refer to the contract for an answer.

Small Business Lawyer

houston business contracts lawyerAs a small business lawyer and a business owner, I understand the importance of a good contract.  I also understand the importance of being sure you thoroughly understand all the terms of a contract before you sign it.  Once you sign, you’re committed.  I can help with preparation, review and negotiation of contracts to make sure your interests are protected, that you fully understand the transaction and that you get the deal done.

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